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Bellossoms is an adventure series about lovely little flowers that wander from their enchanted tree and make friends while blooming in new and exciting places – now you can follow the flowers in Bellossoms: Full Bloom, an animated web show chronicling the Bellossoms as they leave the tree for the first time! Fraught with the threat of a looming storm, the Bellossoms hunker down in their enchanted tree, seeking shelter and safety. The next day, they realize they have a surprise visitor – but is this a friend or foe?

Join Gigi, Cici, Vivi and Ru as they accompany their new friend Mimi on a quest to find her home, see the world and discover the revelation that a larger threat looms – the spread of the Thorns. Bellossoms: Full Bloom has the group dynamic of Ninja Turtles without the violence, and the journey of Lord of the Rings without the Eye of Mordor.

Follow the flowers in this adventure series about blooming in new places!

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